Couples therapy (or marriage counseling) is that branch of psychotherapy that seeks to help couples (married or not) identify and resolve conflicts in their relationship with the goal of improving that union. At Cairn Center, Dr. Jain can work with you to help you examine and evaluate your relationship deeply and clearly so as to be able to make thoughtful decisions about strengthening and rebuilding that relationship. In some instances, therapy can help both partners to accept the wisdom of going separate ways and to help them weather this transition. These are your decisions to make with your partner.

Cairn Center seeks to provide a safe place to explore relationship issues; including trust, intimacy, and sexual issues; and decide together the best course of action for you. Some couples seek out counseling together, while others begin treatment individually. Again, you decide the path that is right for you, we are there as your resource in navigating these most deeply felt and important of relationships.