Parenting can be said to be at once both the most important responsibility one can face and the most difficult “job” you will ever face in your life. Yet it is a responsibility that very few of us are ever “trained” for or prepared for in any way but through our own upbringing. For many of us, those who feel their parents weren’t exactly experts in proper parenting themselves, that preparation is not thorough as we’d like. Add to that the stresses and difficulties faced by today’s children, any number of specific behavioral patterns that may arise in children, and the stresses put on modern parents by society, work, etc., and it’s no wonder that many parents reach out for some help in understanding their family’s patterns and how they can make even more of a positive difference with their children.

The Cairn Center is happy to work with parents seeking answers on their children’s behavior to develop healthier communication patterns and resolving family issues that have arisen. We will work with you to explore effective treatment interventions for children and families in crisis because of divorce, separation, ADHD issues, or other outside stressors. We also welcome families and parents simply seeking help with how they can best foster their children’s emotional and intellectual development. Whether you choose to see us as a family unit, or individually, Cairn Center is a resource in your search for techniques and strategies for confident parenting and communications with children.