Our Philosophy:

Everyone’s journey through life is unique, and so too are their paths to healing and growth. We believe that each individual, with collaborative help from their doctors, should become the expert on their own mental health so that they can monitor change and be in the driver’s seat of their recovery and/or growth. Because of the interference and difficulty of achieving this goal with our clients under the managed healthcare system (which is more about money-making than care-giving), we formed the Cairn Center. Some have called it “concierge care,” some “boutique healthcare.” We just call it honest, quality healthcare, and see it simply as a return to common sense. The Cairn Center is comprehensive, collaborative care on your terms. Isn’t this the way it should be? 

Comprehensive and collaborative care. At the Cairn Center, we don’t believe a true diagnosis can be made or quality treatment provided without a deeper understanding of you as a person. Instead of the seven-minute medication management sessions or rushed and limited-number therapy sessions favored by managed care providers (who work on volume), we offer comprehensive mental health care that starts with an in-depth understanding of your unique situation. We also believe that healthcare works best as a collaborative effort. No one has more of an interest in your health than you, and we’d like to work with you to put you, not insurance companies, in control of your own healthcare decisions.

Availability and access. To better fit your busy schedule, we do our best to offer flexible office hours and will work with you to create a schedule that works for you. For first-time visitors and those in need of prompt attention, we will always do our utmost to manage timely appointments. As a commitment to those we treat, we make ourselves personally available for emergencies should they arise. We also make ourselves available for phone and web consultations should this prove necessary or more convenient. 

Increased sessions, increased time, and individualized attention. We keep the size of our practice limited for this very reason, so that we can schedule longer appointments and truly focus on you and your unique situation. While in large insurance-driven practices doctors and therapists can usually only see a patient for an allotted number of visits and only for shorter, proscribed time slots, at the Cairn Center we will schedule as much time as needed for any particular patient. Insurance companies should not map out your treatment plan, you and your care provider should.

Responsiveness, with return calls made promptly. We understand that when you have a health concern of any kind, you want to speak with your health care provider and get answers as quickly as possible. Because of our smaller patient list and just because we believe it’s the right way to provide care, with the Cairn center you can be assured that not only will you get a return call in a timely manner, but that it will not be a nurse or receptionist who calls you back but will be your doctor or therapist who knows you and knows your situation.

No waiting and no double booking. How often have you conscientiously made it to you doctor’s appointment on time or even early only to sit for the next hour waiting for your turn (to be called into another room to wait some more!). Not with Cairn Center. As we build our business and our reputation on quality of care, not on the number of patients we see in a day, at the Cairn Center we do not double book patients and make you wait. You’re on time for your appointments and it’s our commitment that we are too.

A further note on collaborative care: we believe strongly that your mental health is only one aspect of your entire health, and we are happy to be (assuming you, as a patient, are comfortable with this) in close contact with your primary care physician or specialists. Psychiatric medications can have adverse effects like weight gain, sexual dysfunction, and in some instances can worsen existing medical illnesses like diabetes and high cholesterol if not properly monitored. Likewise, medical illnesses and medications you may be on or may be started on during the course of treatment may have psychiatric effects. For this reason, communication and collaboration between you, your doctors, and Cairn Center is important. Likewise, when therapy with us is not an option, we believe in referring you to other therapists depending on what your treatment requires and will work closely with your therapists in gaining a better understanding of you so that we can collaborate on providing you the best care possible.

A final cornerstone of our care model is our payment structure. We do not accept insurance. This is not out of convenience for ourselves, this is because we have found that the type of thorough and proper care we choose to practice is impossible under the current managed health-care system in this country. This was not an easy decision for us to make, but we feel that it is for the best of our clients. On our fees page you will find a listing of what our fees actually are, and how you may still approach your insurance provider for reimbursement for treatment here at the Cairn Center.

We look forward to working with you and wish you well.



Why choose us?

1. Confidence that our rigorously trained team is committed to providing research-based best-care practices.

2. Autonomy in the choice of one's own physician and therapist. No third party intrusion and control. You and your doctor determine the treatment and length of time necessary, not an insurance company.

3. In-Depth, integrated, scientifically informed treatment optimizes the use of medications and therapy.

4. Responsive, Caring service. This is what it’s all about, and we are a team of empathic professionals that honor the entirety of you as a person.

5. No breach in confidentiality. Unlike with managed care providers, the intimate details of your personal life have no chance of being divulged to an outside party.

This is an important CHOICE…this is YOUR HEALTH.

See our Fees section for more…