Anxiety, depression, mood swings, anger, impulsiveness, problems with attention/concentration, and addiction can significantly complicate and alter one’s experience of life and relationships. Modern psychiatry has produced an array of medications that, when prescribed carefully and appropriately, offer some promise of symptom relief.

Many believe that seeing a psychiatrist automatically means you will receive a prescription after a short evaluation. This is not the Cairn Center model. Research has proven that psychotherapy can often reduce the need for prescription medications, and combining medications with psychotherapy allows a person to not rely on the medication exclusively.

Dr. Jain, an experienced psycho-pharmacologist who has worked with nationally recognized experts at the UT Southwestern Mood Disorders Clinic, devotes as much time as needed working with each client before deciding collaboratively what course of treatment is best. Our aim is maximum personal growth without over-medication. We believe that people have to become experts on their own illnesses, and that the more you know about what ails you, the more control you have over your life.