For some clients and certain conditions or personal therapy goals, studies have clearly shown that group psychotherapy offers an effective working solution. From depression to survivors of adult sexual abuse to sufferers of post-traumatic stress to social anxiety to more generalized women’s therapy groups, the interactive dynamic of a group setting can benefit and heighten the therapeutic experience. Group sessions, held in a respectful and controlled manner, allow individuals to work on their own goals with support in the company of their peers exploring the same or similar issues and milestones of growth. Besides the clinical benefits of this type of psychotherapy, clients also benefit from being able to see a psychiatrist or therapist on a regular basis often for less of a fee than individualized treatment.

From psychoeducational groups (i.e. educating families and friends of individuals with a certain condition so that they can involve themselves in their loved one’s treatment) to therapy (i.e. social conditioning and assertiveness training) to betterment programs (i.e. self-exploration of growth issues), the Cairn Center is interested in knowing what group sessions you may be interested in so that we can plan a calendar that will serve the most good. Please drop us a line and let us know if you would be interested in group work, and what specifically you would like to see in that group.