The decision to undergo pre-gastric bypass weight loss surgery is not one to be taken lightly. Because optimal success involves not just the surgery itself but also making significant lifestyle changes after the surgery is completed, individuals must understand and consider all aspects of this treatment carefully and are encouraged to consult with a mental health professional. In fact, most surgeons, medical centers, and insurance companies now require that patients who are to have this surgical procedure undergo a psychiatric evaluation to assess their psychological status prior to the surgery.

At the Cairn Center, we provide psychiatric evaluations in Las Vegas for pre-gastric bypass surgery designed to help both patients and physicians plan for a successful treatment. This evaluation is intended to rule out any existing eating disorders or any other psychological or psychiatric issues such as depression that could adversely affect the results of the surgery.  With focus on realistic expectations about the outcome of the surgery and the potential for stress in the period following surgery, our focus is not only on ensuring that the patient fully comprehends the serious nature of the procedure, but that they are committed to the lifestyle changes that must take place upon its completion.

In addition to our pre-gastric bypass surgery psychiatric evaluations, our experience with patients who have had the procedure makes us an excellent choice for follow-up visits should the changes that the surgery brings prove overwhelming. The choice to make such a dramatic change to one’s body can have a real affect upon one’s sense of self, and we are always happy to help someone along their journey towards that true self that they have chosen to reveal.

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