Las Vegas Psychiatry and Mental Health Care...with a Difference

Comprehensive and collaborative care. We believe that the most comprehensive care starts with an in-depth understanding of you and works best as a collaborative effort.

Availability and access. To better fit your busy schedule, we do our best to offer flexible office hours and will work with you to create a schedule that works for you.

Increased sessions, increased time, and individualized attention. We keep the size of our practice limited for this very reason, so that we can quickly schedule the appointments you need and truly focus on you and your unique situation.

Responsiveness, with return calls made promptly. Because of our smaller patient list and just because we believe it’s the right way to provide care, with the Cairn center you can be assured that we will always return your calls, texts and emails in a timely manner.

No waiting and no double booking. As we build our reputation on quality of care, not on the number of patients we see in a day, we do not double book patients or make you wait. You’re on time for your appointments and it’s our commitment that we are too.

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Shaily Jain M.D. Psychiatrist
508-9461 x 2

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  Caleb Brooks
Marriage &
Family Therapist
508-9461 x 3

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  Caasi O’Day
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
508-9461 x 4

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Used since ancient times the world over, cairns are a graceful and powerful symbol of balance, strength, and beauty. In Tibet, they are a sign of reverence. In Northern Africa and Scandinavia, they were used as navigational tools for mariners. In Scotland (as in many places), they were used to mark the summit of a climb, with each climber adding a stone to honor their own achievement. And around the world, from tundra to mountains to desert, they have always been used to indicate a path where there were no other landmarks. We can think of no better symbol of our practice and our clients’ journey towards balance, strength, and beauty.