Caleb Brooks

Caleb Brooks is a Marriage and Family Therapist (NV License MFT #01438) working with couples, families, and individuals on…
  • Relationship Issues
  • DBT and Emotional Regulation
  • Depression & Anxiety
  • Managing Life Changes
  • Personal Growth
  • Illness, Loss & Grief & More

As I know finding the right therapist is important to you, I like to offer new clients the opportunity to come see me for a first session cost-free. This way you will get a sense of me and how I work, to see if you feel like we are a "right fit." Likewise, I can get an idea of what is going on with you that you are looking for help with improving and/or changing, and can give you an honest assessment of how I would envision working with you and/or recommendations for alternative treatment if necessary. This is your perfect opportunity to try therapy at a reasonable rate. There is no better time than now.

To schedule an appointment call today at 508-9461 ext. 3.

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How would you describe your style of working with clients?
As everyone's goals are different, it's not easy to reductively describe "how I work." You are unique and so how we work together will be unique. What is the same with everyone I see is my complete openness, honesty, dedication to collaboration, and that I truly do care. Therapists can be seen as experts in helping people change, process, and achieve goals...but only you are the expert on you. Together we will work to truly understand your situation, explore options for working to where you want to be, and create realistic strategies to help you have success.

Call today and let’s talk. Caleb Brooks 508-9461 ext. 3.